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How do I book my Excitations Experience Card?

When you are ready to book your experience, simply:
  1. Visit, enter the Experience Card Number, and login or create your account.
  2. Choose your location and top 3 preferred times to schedule your experience.
  3. Excitations will notify you by email when the booking has been verified and confirmed.
  4. Present both your Excitations Experience Card and the Booking Confirmation Number to the Experience Provider on your big day and have fun!

How long do I have to use my Excitations Experience Card?
Your Experience Card is a ticket, valid from the date of issue until the USE BY date which is eighteen (18) months from the issue date. You must book and participate in your experience by the USE BY date. The USE BY date for each Experience Card is displayed when you redeem and create, or log into, your account.

Do I need to go on my experience before the USE BY date?
Yes, your Experience Card must be scheduled and used by the USE BY date which is eighteen (18) months from the issue date.

Can I extend the USE BY date of my Excitations Experience Card?
Yes, your Experience Card may be renewed for another twelve (12) months by paying a $15.00 renewal fee plus the increase in experience cost, if applicable.

Is my gift redeemable in all regions?
All gifts are regionally based and must be purchased, redeemed and booked in a specific region. All Excitations gifts may be exchanged between regions and a resulting credit or charge will be applied to your account.

What do I need to take with me on my experience?
On the big day, you will need to present both your Excitations Experience Card and the Booking Confirmation Number to the Experience Provider. In addition, please note the important detail information provided on what to wear and other specifics for your experience.

How do I find out available dates for my experience?
Availability for your experience will be presented to you when you redeem your Experience Card after login or creation of your account and selection of a location. After submitting your top three scheduling requests, Excitations will confirm the date agreed upon by your experience provider. Advance booking guidelines will be provided to you to guide you through scheduling possibilities.

Can I simply bring my Excitations Experience card to any local provider to redeem my experience?
No. You must book your Experience in advnace through Excitations. You will receive a booking confirmation number which must be presented to the Experience Provider on the day of your experience.

Is it possible to cancel or reschedule an experience that has been booked already?
The cancellation policy for each experience varies and is presented online before you book and in the booking confirmation.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my experience?
Some experiences are subject to weather conditions and are noted in the detailed descriptions of the experience. Weather instructions with detailed contact information and specific policies for day of the experience are provided in the booking confirmation information sent with your booking confirmation number.

Has gratuity been included in my experience?
Gratuity inclusion varies from experience to experience. If gratuity has been included, the information will be detailed in the booking confirmation information.

Can I take a friend along on my experience?
Please see the number of Participants and Spectators allowed in the experience details provided at purchase and during the booking process.

Do you replace lost Excitations Experience cards?
No. Please keep your Experience Card in a secure place. If lost, stolen or destroyed this card cannot be replaced.

Can I give my experience to someone else?
Yes, you can give your Experience to someone else. If a booking confirmation number has already been issued, that person will simply provide their name (along with the Experience Card and the Booking Confirmation) to the Experience Provider before the Experience and will be subject to all Terms and Conditions.