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A New Twist for Dad: What Could Replace Velcro Tennis Shoes, a Nose Hair Trimmer or a Home-Made Ashtray?

6/14/2010  PDF version here


Let Excitations Show You How to Really WOW Dad this Father’s Day!
Sterling VA – June 09, 2010  Excitations  Every holiday, gift buyers face a challenge:   struggle to get the perfect gift for very special someone, or just find the quickest way to pick up something, given the demands of daily life. Imagine if you could take ten minutes at lunch and find the perfect gift? You can today, with Excitations. This on-line retailer of experience gifts helps take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift; you get the credit and the recipient gets an incredible experience.
So you don’t make the mistakes of the past, and to get you started with a new approach, the team at Excitations has put together a list of the 10 Worst Gifts for Father’s Day, along with some creative, experience-rich alternatives for this year’s Father’s Day:
10. A pair of Velcro Tennis shoes
Rather than making him fashion-backwards, get Dad fashion forward with the latest craze – the Segway!  These self-balancing motorized scooters are a great way for him to take a ride on aSegway. 
9.   A battery operated Nose Hair Trimmer
Instead of cleaning Dad up, let’s get him dirty, or at least all wet!  Send him, or better yet – take him Whitewater Rafting for a day to remember.
8. A new set of Golf Club Towels
Sure, a matched set might make him look like a player, but let him work on his game with a Golf Lesson with a Pro
7. The latest in Universal Remote Control devices
Get Dad off the sofa and into the stream with a Fly Fishing experience
6. A brand new Toupee
Bald is beautiful, and a new “rug” will only be in the way when the rotor blades start up on his thrilling Helicopter Flight!
5.   A styling pair of Elastic Waist Band Pants
Trade the outdated for the au courant with an intro to the hottest sport around – Kayaking
4. A homemade Ashtray
Forget the 2nd grade art project – send him to a cigar lounge, where he can enjoy a Cigar Tasting experience, and even learn a thing or two.
3. A Model Airplane Kit
No more airplane glue… give him the real thing: the chance to engage in aerial combat in an actual fighter plane with the Fighter Pilot experience
2. Sheepskin Seat Covers
Don’t waste your time on your father’s Oldsmobile - get Dad into the car of his dreams, whether it is a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a  NASCAR stock car or Formula race carIf you really want to thrill Dad, give him the Dream Car Tour
1. Nothing at all
While even a minimal effort will put a smile on his  face --  a hand written note, a walk in the park, a promise to mow the lawn – there’s no excuse for this when Excitations offers thousands of exciting, unique and affordable gifts! Visit www.excitations.com and check them all out!
Family, friends, business associates….a diverse mix of people require a diverse range of unique experiences. Excitations gives you the ability to exceed expectations, offering far more exhilarating possibilities than the usual standbys – many of which are company exclusives.Excitationsis committed to offering the widest variety of exciting, innovative encounters, provided by our network of outstanding Experience Partners. Whether your dad is a man of true adventure or enjoys the uncomplicated pleasuresin life, Excitations can help deliver the perfect gift experience.
About Excitations
Excitations', the nation’s premier provider of gift experiences, mission is to offer gift buyers an easy and simple way to give innovative and memorable life experiences as gifts. In our often hurried, busy lives, buying the perfect gift has become a chore. We are all about bringing joy and fun back into gift giving. At Excitations we do our utmost to make your shopping experience one that is convenient, simple, and most of all - inspiring. Rest assured, the gifts you give from Excitations are guaranteed to leave a truly lasting impression. To learn more about Excitations or to check out the new and exciting experiences available, visit www.excitations.com.